Pacific Rim Commercial Collections

Pacific Rim Commercial Collections (PRC) is a full service business to business commercial collection firm that specializes in the recovery of outstanding receivables and court judgments. With over 30 years of experience collecting debts, our team has developed unique strategies that have been proven over time to provide the highest rates of return for our clients at the lowest cost.

Unlike traditional collection agencies, we employ attorneys whenever needed and attorney trained investigators, plus modern technology to collect from debtors. This allows us to locate, contact and collect from debtors both quickly and effectively.

Our goal is to be an extension of your company in the United States. Our goal is to give you the efficiency and convenience of working with a local company, while providing the ability to effectively pursue outstanding accounts receivable anywhere in the United States as long as you or the debtor does business in California.


What sets Pacific Rim Commercial Collections (PRC) apart from other collection agencies?

Unique to PRC, our collectors are trained by attorneys and we have attorneys available to assist whenever needed.


Will PRC send collection letters to debtors without receiving a formal assignment of the debt owed?

Absolutely. For $50, PRC will send a collection letter to any debtor. See: Sample Collection Letter and Authorization to Send Collection Letter to Debtor.


Does PRC represent commercial building landlords and apartment building landlords in collecting delinquent rent?

Absolutely. Representing landlords in collecting unpaid rent and other damage claims has been a significant part of our commercial collection business for over 30 years.


What if I am worried about losing a customer if I assign their debt to PRC?

We understand how difficult it can be to obtain clients and the importance of maintaining business relationships. Our collection process is tailored to assist a delinquent customer to pay their debt while still keeping in mind the debtor's value to our clients. For every customer that you never want to do business with again, there may be another customer that for some reason simply got behind and may just need some creative financial advice from our staff to get back on track.


What if the debtor lives in another state, can you still collect debt?

We have the ability to collect against any debtor in any city or state as long you or the debtor does business in California.


Does Pacific Rim Commercial Collections handle foreign collection accounts?

If the debtor is located in California or the contract that created the debt was entered into in California, PAC can help you collect the money owned. Whether it is an account receivable or court judgment, call PRC for assistance.


Does your firm represent business clients where a debt is secured by a personal guarantee?



Why should I use a commercial collection company like Pacific Rim Commercial Collections instead of going straight to an attorney?

Often when an attorney contacts a debtor, or attempts to contact a debtor, the debtor contacts their own attorney which often results in the debtor spending money that could otherwise be paid against the amount owed. If a debtor turns a collection matter over to their attorney, the collection process is often delayed and made more difficult. Our firm urges the debtor to use the money that would be spent defending a legitimate claim for the first payment on a payment plan that we offer the debtor.


Do you encourage debtors to enter into payment plans to settle debts?

Yes. If the debt is large and there is no other realistic alternative, a payment plan that includes interest on the outstanding balance, a late charge provision, and other customary terms should be considered.


What are the chances that debt will be collected by your firm?

Every creditor asks this question which is impossible to answer without our knowing of the following:

1. Is the debtor still in business?

2. Is the debtor generating a positive cash flow?

3. Does the debtor have unencumbered assets that can be converted to cash?

4. Is the debtor involved in collection or other litigation?

5. Are there any unsatisfied judgments against the debtor?

6. Are there any defenses to the claim?

7. Will the debt qualify for a Prejudgment Writ of Attachment?


What is a Debtor's Examination?

A debtor's exam is a court proceeding in which a debtor is forced to appear in court to answer questions under oath asked by the creditor, an assignee of the debt, or his or her attorney. The debtor is required to answer questions about his or her income, employment, clients, customers, spouse, assets, and provide other information that would assist the creditor in collecting the judgment. If the debtor does not appear in court, the court may issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the debtor. Debtors must bring subpoenaed documents such as paycheck stubs, bank statements, property title documents, including deeds, and other information that would assist the creditor in collecting the debt.

Debtor's exams are highly effective when combined with a subpoena. Our firm uses debtor's exams whenever appropriate to expedite the collection of a debt.


What are the primary purposes of a debtor's exam?

The primary purpose of a debtor's exam is to force a debtor into court where he or she is required to provide vital information under oath. Debtors are also required to produce documents at the debtor's exam in addition to providing testimony. The intent is to obtain information that will permit the creditor to seize valuable assets and/or income in order to satisfy the debt. Debtor's exams are invasive and unpleasant for debtors and likely to result in a settlement of the debt before assets and/or income are seized.


Do you collect delinquent homeowner association assessments?

Our affiliate, Pacific Association Collections specializes in the collection of delinquent homeowner association collections throughout California:


What are some of the ways PRC collects judgments?

See: Eleven Ways to Collect a Court Judgment.


What is the Writ of Execution and how is it used?

A writ of execution is a court order that directs law enforcement personnel to commence the taking of property from a debtor to enforce the collection of a court ordered judgment. Assets taken may include bank accounts, stock, vehicles, wages, or any other non-exempt assets.


What exactly is a money judgment and how can a judgment be used to collect money that is owed?

A money judgment is an order from a court that a person or business entity pay the creditor holding the judgment a specific amount of money which the court awarded to the plaintiff as damages. Money judgments accrue interest until the amount owing is paid. See: Money Judgments.


What is a Writ of Execution and how is it used?

A writ of execution is a court order that directs law enforcement personnel to commence the taking of property from the debtor to enforce the collection of a court ordered judgment. Assets taken may include bank accounts, stock, vehicles, wages, or any other non-exempt assets.


How does a Wage Garnishment work?

A wage garnishment is a legal process in which law enforcement may take up to 25% of a judgment debtor's wages to pay a judgment creditor money that is owned pursuant to a court ordered money judgment.


Does Pacific Rim Commercial Collections buy court judgments?

No. We collect judgments for our business clients on a contingency basis, but like nearly all judgment recovery firms, we do not buy them. In our more than 30 years of experience, we have found that most judgment recovery firms, that represent they purchase judgments, are in reality, only fishing for leads they can work on a contingency basis.


Does your firm do business with Judgment Brokers?
Yes. We welcome the referral of judgment holders and pay customary referral fees to Judgment Brokers when we collect judgments. Call us if you would like to establish a relationship with Pacific Rim Commercial Collections.


Does your firm file mechanics liens for contractors in California?

We do not file mechanics liens, but we do recommend Contractor’s Mechanic’s Lien Services:


Can PRC assist us in selling our business if we decide to do so?

Yes. Our affiliate, Pacific Business Advisors, established in 1987, can assist you in selling your business or acquiring a business anywhere in California.


What is a fraudulent transfer and how can it effect a debtor?

Fraudulent transfers can result in a debtor being fined and possibly ending up in prison: Fraudulent Transfers


Pacific Rim Commercial Collections

Position Available - Debt Collector

Pacific Rim Commercial Collections is in need of a debt collector with at least 5 years of full-time experience in California and a history of earning at least $6,500 per month over the last two years. Compensation will consist of a modest base salary plus commissions based upon successful collections. Accounts will be assigned to you. Please provide us with a resume and cover letter.

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