Pacific Rim Commercial Collections

Pacific Rim Commercial Collections (PRC) is a full service firm that specializes in the recovery of outstanding receivables and court judgments. With over 30 years of experience collecting debts, our team has developed unique strategies that have been proven over time to provide the highest rates of return for our clients at the lowest cost.

Unlike traditional collection agencies, we employ attorneys whenever needed and attorney trained investigators, plus modern technology to collect from debtors. This allows us to locate, contact and collect from debtors both quickly and effectively.

Our goal is to be an extension of your company in the United States. Our goal is to give you the efficiency and convenience of working with a local company, while providing the ability to effectively pursue outstanding accounts receivable anywhere in the United States as long as you or the debtor does business in California.


Q. What sets Pacific Rim Commercial Collections (PRC) apart from other collection


A. Unique to PRC, our collectors are trained by attorneys and we have attorneys

available to assist whenever needed.


Q. What if I am worried about losing a customer if I assign their debt to PRC?

A. We understand how difficult it can be to obtain clients and the importance of maintaining

business relationships. Our collection process is tailored to assist a delinquent customer

to pay their debt while still keeping in mind the debtor's value to our clients. For every

customer that you never want to do business with again, there may be another customer

that for some reason simply got behind and may just need some creative financial advice

from our staff to get back on track.


Q. What if the debtor lives in another state, can you still collect debt?

A. We have the ability to collect against any debtor in any city or state as long you or

the debtor does business in California.


Pacific Rim Commercial Collections

Pacific Rim Commercial Collections (PRC) serves the following areas:

Southern California, Northern California, Central, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside, Ventura County, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Gabriel Valley, San Jose, San Francisco

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